Corporate work

I have over 20 years experience as a role-player, coach, facilitator and trainer across a wide portfolio of clients. I work across the spectrum of communication skills training, helping people with their personal development, and have designed and delivered courses on personal impact training for, among others, the FCO and Mars.

I have worked as a coach for a variety of organisations and at different levels up to Senior Executive roles.  I also train in coaching and often work in the arena of presence development, particularly for leadership roles.

I have worked for financial institutions (The Bank of England, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse), academic institutions (Cambridge, Oxford Brookes, OU, Sheffield Hallam universities), medical organisations (NHS, NHIR, BUPA, The Health Foundation) and for retail and pharmaceutical companies, media organizations, county councils, government bodies, energy suppliers, technical providers and charities.

Acting work

I am a professional actress and have appeared in over 50 plays and in television and film. Please contact my agent: AMC Management